Behind the Brains

Ketch holds a BFA in industrial design with a concentration in marine design.  Before moving into the cannabis space, he was a Designer and later Development Director at Gunboat International, where he designed and managed over 25 million dollars in carbon fiber yacht production and 110 employees.  He now specializes in designing harvest and processing systems and served as the Operations Manager at Los Sueños Farms for the last several years.  He has developed many “first of their kind” machines for the cannabis industry and now operates his business selling those machines (Bud Sorter) and consulting on process development and facility design (Qloris).  Ketch lead the largest annual harvest of cannabis in the world (over 10 tons in 4 weeks) for 3 years.  He has more experience in large scale, outdoor cannabis harvesting and processing than anyone in the world.  He is proficient in many 3D modeling/CAD programs, CNC technology, advanced computer simulations, prototyping, fabrication, machining, welding, and advanced composites.  Ketch and his wife are based out of Oregon.