“Largest Recreational Outdoor farm in the Nation" - Los Sueños Farms

Qloris helped Los Sueños with their processing and harvesting systems along with their management. 

Brand Strategy for Ambrosia Cropz

Ambrosia logo

Qloris hired and oversaw the design for Ambrosia Cropz branding. The design process included ideation, branding through trending color schemes, logo work & packaging design. 


Qloris designed and sourced what are now Bud Sorter Machines for Los Sueños Farms. Currently, Bud Sorters are now being sold as their own machines thanks to Ketch DeGabrielle.  

— 2016


Ziel was formed as the consequence of a management buyout of the assets of RF Biocidics in July 2017. Originally formed as RF Biocidics in 2008, the company licensed technology from UC Davis, harnessing radio frequency to provide an environmentally friendly, chemical-free alternative for disinfection, disinfestation, and drying of food, and now cannabis and hemp.

Ketch Degabrielle was the first to apply Ziel's technology for the cannabis industry at Los Sueños Farms. Since then, Ziel and Qloris have continued to work together to make processing cannabis on a large scale more feasible. 

2015 - Current

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60 Minutes 

Interview with Jonathan Lapook on site of Los Sueños Farms. - 2016


Designer and later Development Director at Gunboat International, where Ketch designed and managed over 25 million dollars in carbon fiber yacht production and 110 employees.

2014 - 2015


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